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Recycled Glass Collection

Recycled Bottle Vases & Candle/Tealight Holders

I don’t like to turn down free glass, and some bottles are made from such good quality heavyweight glass or such interesting shapes that it seems almost a crime to just smash them up in the bottle bank – so any suitable bottles I get, I turn into vases and candle or tealight holders. Those shown below are some examples of the ever changing selection I have available, which is dependent on the bottles I get (or what my friends are drinking!) so do pop over to my shop to see what I have in stock at the moment.

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Recycled Glass Christmas Decorations

My range of fused recycled glass Christmas tree decorations are always popular, both to give as gifts or to keep. And if you find a good spot in a window then they can stay up all year round – after all, stars are not just for Christmas! I create the decorations from old picture frame glass, cleaning it up and cutting it into strips before fusing it into a variety of shapes in my kiln.