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The North Wales Coast project

I was delighted when artists David Kereszteny-Lewis and Jon Clayton asked me to join their North Wales coast project. The pieces I created for this collection developed from the initial sketches made by David and Jon on their trips to the coast in combination with observations made on my own visits.

The glass curve sculptures are all created from fused and slumped glass and glass powder. Each piece is initially worked flat, created by layering up glass powder, glass frit (small chunks) and sheet glass. This is then fired in the kiln before another layer can be added; most pieces in this collection have been through this process 4 or 5 times. In the final stage the piece is sandblasted to give the glass its tactile matt surface before being returned to the kiln one last time to be fired over a former, creating the final sculptural form.

The remaining pieces in this collection are available through the LAKE gallery.

Curve: Storm Blue #1

23cm W x 24cm H


Curve: Storm Blue #2

26cm W x 19cm H


Wave: Storm Blue #1

22.5cm W x 13cm H


Wave: Storm Blue #2

22cm W x 12.5cm H

Curve: Sky Blue #1

21.5cm W x 30cm H


Curve: Slate Grey #1

18cm W x 24cm H


Curve: Slate Grey #2

26cm W x 19cm H


Curve: Slate Grey #3

16.5cm W x 36cm H


Curve: Slate Grey #4

20cm W x 21cm H

Wave: Slate Grey #1

23cm W x 13.5cm H

Wave: Slate Grey #2

19cm W x 15.5cm H


Wave: Pale Gold #1

25cm W x 14cm H

Wave: Pale Gold #2

24.5cm W x 13cm H


Just some of the textures and colours collected on my trips to the North Wales coast: