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To see more from each collection, click on the image. Many pieces are for sale – if you are interested in a piece of work that is marked as available but does not have a clickable link through to my online shop do please send me a message.

About my work

Where I live on the edge of the Wirral peninsula, we are surrounded on 3 sides by water. When I walk down to the shore, it is like stepping into a different world the instant I put foot on the sand. I want my work to capture a little piece of this feeling, a reminder of that other world along the shoreline; whether it’s the feel of the sea smoothed pebble you picked up, or the coastal scene on the wall that reminds you of a favourite view.

My work is kiln formed glass, using mainly Bullseye art glass and revelling in their wide range of coloured glass powders which I use to create my landscapes. After fusing in the kiln, I often sandblast my pieces to get that lovely smooth satin finish so reminiscent of pebbles and sea glass.

I also love to recycle and will try my best to use any old glass which comes my way, creating vases from empty bottles and all sorts of things from old window and picture frame glass.